Where The World’s Best Wines Are Still Made

african wines portland or

Further down the pacific coast of America lies the famous vineyards. Because it is conveniently local and accessible, many US consumers with an acquired taste for fine bouquets remain consumers of the cultivars at excessive rates. But this does not necessarily entail gargantuan consumption rates that may appear to be indigestible or unpalatable to others. Many fine wine collectors, well, they have also learned the art of collecting and saving. Many of them have insisted on going beyond borders, this to enjoy the finest wines of them all.

It is very nice to be enjoying a different bouquet at different times of the year with different seasonal dishes. Or simply just so. The French vineyards are well-known by now. It is there that the rural vintners have come to jealously guard their famous champagnes. Nowhere else in the world can you find such bubblies. And yet. Because parts of the regions are still enjoying temperate climates, the Australians continue to present their own versions of good red and white plonk, if it can be called that.

Travel west once more and you reach the coastal tips of Africa. Africa, of all the places in the world. Who would have thought that here lie the origins of the african wines portland or cellar? Interestingly enough, the cool Oregon climate makes the collection of a number of good years perfect. The wines are well-preserved and they are allowed to mature through the years. And when thinking of African wines, people in the know always appear to be thinking in terms of visiting the famous Cape Wine Lands.

Indeed they must because it is here that some of the world’s best wines are still being produced, including the much-maligned ‘sparkling wine’. 

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