The History of Takeout Food

Who doesn’t like being able to order any food from anywhere with just the click of a button or a simple phone call? It’s a modern luxury we can’t live without, but when you take a look back through how the concept of food delivery got started, then you’ll surprisingly see that it isn’t such a modern convenience after all.

As long as hungry people have been around, there have been institutions dedicated to serving them piping hot food on the go. Ancient Roman and Greek towns were filled with ‘cook shops’ that sold food to passersby, and even the ancient Aztecs had markets dedicated to the making and selling of tamales. So getting your order of indian food delivery to go wasn’t a new idea by any means.

The food was often delivered as well, with butchers sending goods directly from their table to their customers’ homes. Finally, after thousands of years pass, the trend came to America.

The Start of America’s Food Empire

The idea of having your food delivered started in colonial America, with advertisements in hotels telling people that they could send their servants to get dishes that had been prepared. During the civil war, restaurants boxed their food and gave it to people who were on their lunch break, and these lunches were complete with sandwiches, salad, and ice cream.

Fast food was commonly found at train stations all across the globe, with prices and ease of access that made it accessible to the working family. It was cheap, easy to get your hands on, and during the time of racism in the country, a job that African Americans could easily work.

The fast-food industry began synonymous with the working man. As they worked farther from home but still needed hot meals, they simply bought them.

The First Real Delivery Service

The Chinese brought the idea of having food delivered to you back into the spotlight, along with their signature takeout box. A Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles began offering to bring your hot food to you with just one phone call, and the trend took off from there.

As the rise of television meant more families were staying home, more and more restaurants were advertising their wares on TV, and driving delivery was booming. Pizza became the most popular option, and the pizza industry exploded as a result.

The Modern-Day Delivery

The rise of the internet made delivery even easier, to the point where all most people have to do is click a button or tap an app to place an order. Even groceries and ingredients can be sent to your door or picked up on location, and the business only gets bigger. From humble beginnings to a now billion-dollar industry, the food takeout and delivery service has become something essential to world life.

indian food deliveryhow the industry evolves

Now, it’ll be interesting to see how the industry evolves over the years, and be sure to think about that the next time you place an order for some takeout.

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