Fun Ways to Spend Time in Plano

Looking to enjoy a fun day in Plano? There’s no shortage of fun things to see and do in this small Texas town. Whether you’re headed out with family, friends, significant other, or even for a day of solo enjoyment, Plano has a lot to offer. Find some ideas for a fun time in Plano below and plan your fun day accordingly!

seafood restaurants in Plano

Take a Road Trip

Dallas is situated a short 20 miles from Plano so any time you desire the city lights and the myriad of activities, you’re about half-hour away from your choice of fun. Not into the big city? Check out one of the equally appealing small towns near Plano, such as Wylie or Richardson.

Dine Out

Plano has some pretty tantalizing restaurant choices to fill your hunger, with a taste to please every person. Visit one of the great seafood restaurants in Plano for an unforgettable experience and tasty, healthier food selections. Dine with your SO, family, friends, or during a lunch date!

Experience Nature

From a delightfully colorful botanical garden to a nature preserve, Plano is a nature lover’s paradise.  There’s never a dull moment in this beautiful town if you love to spend time outdoors. Many parks and lakes are also found throughout Plano for those who want to get their feet wet.

Time to Shop

Who doesn’t love to shop? Plano has an assortment of great boutiques, malls, antique shops, and other awesome shops that will send chills up your spine. Bring your credit card and prepare to have a good time when you head out to shop Plano style.

Plano also hosts many events throughout the year, including rodeos, concerts, performing arts, art, and more. Plano is an amazing place to live or simply to spend a bit of time. These activities are among the many awaiting you!

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