Different Types of Pastas

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When it comes to pasta, everyone seems to love it, but when you dig a little deeper and see what types of pasta people like, it leaves most people scratching their heads. Pasta isn’t just flour mixed with water, but it’s a lot of things and carries a lot of connotations. There are dozens of different types of pasta, with all of them equally delicious and bringing warm memories of a favorite dish.

For example, spaghetti is perhaps the most recognizable form of pasta since it’s what most people are introduced to at a young age. Everyone’s had spaghetti with tomato sauce and cheese or noodles mixed with hotdogs. It’s a classic dish and only gets better as time goes on. But as those kids start to grow up, the authentic italian pasta astoria ny bug starts to take hold.

Then they get into elbow pasta, lasagna, ravioli, and other noodles. The toppings and sauces start to turn into flavorful delights. They have chicken parmesan over a bed of linguini, beef lasagna, and cheesy stuffed ravioli. Pasta doesn’t just become associated with spaghetti, but instead with a host of other dishes, and then the mind gets expanded more.

Pasta is used for thousands of dishes, and it’s not just in the Italian culture anymore. People cook with noodles in many Asian cultures, and noodle dishes have major cultural significance. It was the food that everyone gathered over, the food that everyone enjoyed, and the food that made a meal a family experience.

It might seem amazing that one dish has such versatility and is so customizable as a meal, but that’s what pasta is. It might seem like boiled noodles and dough on the surface, but if you take the idea a little deeper you get something incredible.

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