Cooking and Eating Crab Legs

While crab shells can be hard to crack open, the meat inside is delicious! But how exactly do you eat crab legs, both in the restaurant and at home? Well, the shell of the crab is what’s protecting the meat inside, so a little brute strength and some mess is required to get at the good stuff.

Best Crab Legs in Phoenixready to be served

For crab legs, you need to snap them off of the body and then break them again at the leg joint. Then fiddle with the legs until the shell cracks and the meat slides right out. For the crab claws, you’ll either need claws of your own in the form of a cracker or simply rip at it with your teeth to pull back the shell and get into that tasty meat inside.

Your hands can break open the rest of the crab without any trouble, and then you can use a fork to dig out the meat. Eating crab is a lot of work, but the tasty meat is a reward in it of itself. You’ll often find crab legs served with lemon, butter, and spices.

Homemade Crab Legs

However, ordering an expensive order of the Best Crab Legs in Phoenix at the restaurant can be a strain on your wallet. They can be made at home, and you just need some elbow grease to ensure everything works out correctly. Boiling, steaming, or broiling are the usual cooking methods for crabs to not only cook the meat but also to weaken the shell.

They can be boiled for a time over a hot stove, steamed over a boiled pot in a steamer basket, or broiled in the oven. All you need to have on hand is the right seasonings and maybe some salt, and then you just place the crab legs in the water, wait, and then pull them out once done.

The crab legs will be done and be ready to be served, just as fancy as if you’d ordered them at a restaurant, but at a reduced price!

Upgrading them into something great!

Unlike other foods, crab legs almost always use the same seasonings, butter, and lemon. Anything else just doesn’t have the same kick. But crab legs don’t have to be boring when you pair them with some good sides.

Fixing up a new dipping sauce, giving them a salad, or serving them with some garlic and butter covered vegetables will help you enjoy crab legs all over again. Since the dish has such a great flavor, there are several types of sides that can go with it. You can easily upgrade potatoes, sauces, and even some unique sides like corn, pineapple, or even noodles.

There’s no limit to the number of things that you can do with crab, and now that you’ve seen how easy it is to make crab at home, you’ll be able to experiment that much more without breaking your wallet. So take chances, try new flavors, and go crabby for crab!

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