Cookie Facts: Fun & Interesting Information About This Popular Dessert

Cookies are typically made with flour, eggs, sugar, shortening, and other add-ins that give them amazing taste that no one can resist. Chocolate chips, fruits, oats, candy pieces, and many other add-ins are used to create delicious cookies. But, there’s so much more to know about cookies. You’ve come to the right place to get the cookies facts!

Types of Cookies

Most people think of the round cookie when they think about a cookie, but there are numerous variations of this sweet treat. In fact, eight basic types of cookies are sure to conquer your sweet tooth. Those eight types are:

·    Fried Cookies

·    Sandwich cookies

·    Bar Cookies

·    Ice Box Cookies

·    No Bake Cookies

·    Drop Cookies

·    Rolled Cookies

·    Molded Cookies

Cookies Brighten up the Office

Working in an office can become dull and bland after time and many employees search for ways to make things a little brighter during the day. Everyone enjoys munching on a sweet treat. Considering that it is easy to arrange to have cookies delivered in Los Angeles, why not arrange a delivery to make everyone in the office smile a little bigger?

The Meaning of a Name

Cookie is a word derived from the Dutch word koekje, or small little cake. Cookies first came to America in the 1700s, although the exact date is unknown.  They were very popular in Europe well before their arrival in America.

A Day for the Cookie

Did you know that cookies have their own days of the year in which to celebrate their existence? If you’re like many, there’s no question you want to honor this gooey perfection in any way that you can. National Sugar Cookie Day is celebrated on July 9th while National Cookie Day is celebrated December 4th.

A Popular Crowd

Chocolate chip is the most popular type of cookie in existence in America, although there are dozens of other flavors and cookie styles with new choices made every single day. The delicious recipe that’s been a hit for adults and kids for generations know was created by Ruth Graves Wakefield and Sue Brides. This perfection was developed in 1938 and has been the best treat ever since!

What’s Your Fortune?

The Fortune cookie is a cookie that contains a small piece of paper containing your ‘fortune.’ And while many believe the cookies are a part of Asian culture (since they’re commonly served at Asian restaurants) the cookie was actually developed in the U.S. state of California.  Do not let this discourage you from enjoying the cookie or the mystery that is behind it, however!

A Great Gift

cookies delivered in Los Angeleswonderful gift

Cookies brighten up the office any day of the week, but they also make many other occasions a little bit more cheerful. Do you need a wonderful gift for someone special in your life? Cookies are a great gift to send for birthdays, bosses, and even to send get-well wishes to a loved one who is ill and hospitalized.

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